Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking for a Pug or Puggle or Dog for Family

So I don't want a huge dog, I don't really know if I am ready for a medium dog either, although honestly I really would love for my kids to some day have a Golden Retriever as that is what I grew up with. Then we had Dobermans, love them too!

Right now, I realize how HUGE of a commitment having a dog is and I am trying to think this through and figure out the best breed or if I can even get a dog at all right now.

I thought about aopting a dog, but honestly its more expensive half of the time to do that than to look on Craigslist honestly and I don't want to pay a huge fee, I just want to provide love and an addition to our family.

I don't know ... so I am curious - what type of breed of a smaller dog such as a Pug or Beagle size would work well for a family with three active children? I also want it to be a companion to me when the kids are busy.... looking forward to hearing tips/advice, etc. I took care of my mom's English Mastiffs for a month and have had dogs so I do get the responsibility and $$ factor of vet bills .. just asking about breeds!