Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heading to NYC for Ragu Weekend

And I can't wait .. although I walk around my house looking at everything I need to get done around here and am having a really difficult time finding the OK in my head that I am going on this trip. I am heading to NYC with hours to waste when I first get there.

I recall my first and only trip to NYC, we drove the five hours there (I am flying this time), with three kids two of which were still in diapers. We got a great deal on a hotel from PriceLine but they only had one bed and I couldn't get to sleep with the three kids in same room with one bed .. .no way. Also we drove a suburban there and man you can't park that thing in the city anywhere .. it was a mess.

We did watch Bob The Builder at The Beacon Theatre and we loved it, but other than that I was ready to go home. Pushing two boys in diapers in a double jogging stroller isn't like pushing it in the country. I also had my daughter who seemed to think we were still in our small town and attempted to walk a few feet ahead of me, ummm no not in a big city my daughter!

So as I head to NYC I am curious to see my experience there without children adn with some great company .. Ragu and bloggers!