Monday, August 1, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

I sing You Are My Sunshine to my daughter every night before bed. It has become a tradition for us, ever since she was a little baby. I actually think her father sings it to her, although I don't know if he still sings it to her, I should ask her about that. She is my sunshine, she is who showed me to grow the heck up a bit and she is who taught me being a mom is the most rewarding job ever, of course now her two brothers teach me the same along with the fact that boys ... from a young age develop a love for farting but that's another story altogether!

Have you heard the You Are My Sunshine song before? Do you or did you have a song you sing/sung to your kids while they were young?

This is not my child in this video, but it was sooo cute I had to embed it!