Monday, August 15, 2011

What country Music Does for Me

When I am having a rough time with life I turn to country music. The problem with turning to country music while having a rough time is that this music tends to make me cry. Why a person would want to turn on the sound of music that makes them weep when they are already down and out baffles me. Upon analyzation of my own actions, I determined country music lyrics are something I can relate to. Almost every country song has a story behind it that I can find in my past and either weep or laugh about.

Most country songs remind me of my father, times with him growing up. While some love type country songs make me wish a man would dedicate that song to me, or sing it to me if they feel that way too. Then there are the country tunes that make me sad wishing that I could have done something different or bring back memories of a time when life was a tad bit easier and I took that part of my life for granted. Whatever the song is, I surely can relate to it in a personal way when it's part of the country genre of music.

Singing the words aloud always clears my mind. A good cry, a good country song and a tall glass of water usually turns a bad time into a great time for me and allows me to move forward in my life!