Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time is Something we All Need More Of

As I spend my day running around with my head cut off I realize that time is something everyone could use a little bit more of. Yet then I am reminded that this is all the time we have so why not stop thinking "I need more time in the day" and start thinking "I can use the time in this day to be productive". Sure, sounds simple enough, right?

When I am dealing with around 4 hours of sleep a night at one time and a child who sleeps about that much at one time then wakes his little brother up it seems there certainly doesn't matter how much time is in a day because four hours straight is what I get usually.

I have been doing better at juggling with what time I have to ensure I am working and my accounting program I use is showing me that I am indeed getting the job done, yet in my mind I feel like I am never fully completing a days work or doing all of the fun things I want to do with my kids.

As I near the start of school for my middle child and already had my oldest start school I am realizing just how fast time does fly and how important it is to make good use of the time you have. Next week I will only have one of my three children home with me and I plan to make the best of this time because the following year I may have him go to preschool.

Time is something we all need more of, but do we need more time or more skills to use time we have efficiently?