Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spending Time with Moms Dogs

My Mom has three English Mastiffs and they are big, sweet babies, however, they are not used to being around my wild children. They have done super well this past week with the kids and I have been trying to capture some images of them around the house. Basically when they are inside they are lazy and ready to sleep.

I feel bad because one of my moms dogs was the sweetest ever, her brindle looking English Mastiff but he went to another home and came back aggressive. The awesome thing is  he is real sweet with the kids and me. Loveable pup for sure! Here he is trying to play Memory with us.

I love these dogs dearly but my mom will be home soon and taking at least one if not two with her back to where she is living. I am currently at her home so we had a blast spending the week with them while their Mommy was away!