Thursday, August 4, 2011

Animal Planet Watcher

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

I’ve gotten to where I really, really like the Animal Planet network and most of the time when I’ve got my satellite on, that’s what’s playing. I think the shows are just fascinating and I have two dogs of my own so I’ve actually learned some really good tips on keeping them trained from the network itself. I love the idea of being a professional dog trainerbut I can’t figure out how you’d make any money in it unless you were on a television show or something and people have been telling me all my life I’ve got a face for radio, if that tells you anything! I love working with animals but being a vet would be too hard when they’re sick and suffering and I don’t really want to go back to school for all that time, anyway. I think for now I’ll keep on being an accountant and getting my fill of exotic creatures every night when I watch Animal Planet snuggled in bed with my two little pooches!
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