Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whatever Shall I Do

My daughter is going to be nine years old in October, the same month in which I turn 30. My daughter has been going all hormonal on me. I get it, I get all hormonal once a month about one week before my period and it's a time when I can't stand being near myself let alone dealing with a child who has no clue what this is all about.

I decided that since my daughter is showing signs of being hormonal I would show her what pads are and take a moment to share with her what the lovely nonfriend of the month brings. The problem? She doesn't want to hear a thing about it, but who can blame her, I mean this is serious business and gross at the same time for a little girl.

I am one of those parents who knows my children are listening even if they are grossed out or appear to not hear you. My child is listening to me and she is aware of what she has coming ahead. Hopefully she is 12, the same age I was when I had my period, but I have no clue because the hormones are raging and I catch her looking at boys a bit more than she ever did before. Please don't let her be boy crazy is all I can think to myself.

We have discussed how I feel about boys and dating and all of that because apparently in her grade girls have "boyfriends" , well my daughter won't be having a boyfriend any day soon. Sure she can do the whole immature in school I have a boyfriend thing where they don't do a thing with them it's some odd immature I have a boyfriend no I don't stage. I had that stage but it was much later in life, or was it? We won't go there, because I am not sure.

Either way, all I get from my father for advice is "Good luck girl I am rooting for ya", and after all what can he say? He has two daughters, he has been here before and he probably still deals with the raging hormones from his two daughters often, but Dad deals well. I don't deal well.... but I will find the secret to dealing with this hormonal stage of my daughter ... I WILL.