Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wanting a Vacation ... Again

I left recently for Type-A Parent Conference and although I learned a lot it was sort of like a vacation for me, my first ever vacation. You see I hadn't ever traveled outside of the New England area before, well we did drive down to Florida one year when I was around age 13 but other than that I haven't traveled at all outside of New Hampshire, Maine, New York state and Vermont areas.

After two days of being home dealing with the kids I realized I didn't have quite enough time for a break. It seems after the four days I was gone I completely missed my children but they are such a handful at times that after two days of being home, around them 24/7 I started wishing I could escape for a mini-vacation again.

The idea of a vacation got me thinking about vacation homes in Park City because I haven't ever been to Utah and it would be cool to have a little vacation condo or townhouse to escape to. My escape from home would be similar to being home because I would have more privacy than staying in a motel or hotel.

I guess I need to start saving my money or get a timeshare so that I can start having a home away from home. I would use it for my own personal, private getaways but also a place to have some family fun with the munchkins from time to time.