Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

My two sons are forever keeping me on my toes. They say the darnedest things and so I thought I would share some of the things my sons have said that I had to fight back a giggle from or quite honestly sometimes I had to laugh out loud at them;

Baby K - Age 2 -

**His father tells him that he needs a cap for his drink & to keep it on the drink at a restaurant. Baby K replies rather quickly with "You need a cap for your mouth".

**Sitting in a restaurant when I notice Baby K is staring in an evil way at another person in the restaurant. When I look back I see an older man with rather long hair. I say "K stop staring at that man". Baby K replies "Mama him is a pirate .. argh matey" Of course his reply was loud as loud could be, hopefully that man glaring at me didn't get offended. Come on dude he's only two.

**Riding in the van and Baby K is being extremely loud, screeching so that his brother Aj can't say a word because he can't concentrate. Baby K gets told to be quiet. Baby K ever so loudly replies "You be quiet and shut your mouth". May I add that he had an evil HAHA afterwards with a huge ass grin.

AJ - age 4 -

**Sitting in the bathtub getting all washed up before bedtime. He looks down and says "Mama I have a big penis". A little back story; this is the boy who would always pull out his penis and wave it around as if it's his prize possession back in the day of his 2 & 3 year old years.

**Attempting to get a cute picture of Aj (he normally hates pictures taken). I turn the camera and tell Aj to smile. Just as I click the button of the camera down comes his pants and, yeah ... you guessed it, he mooned me and the camera caught the mooning part as if it were meant to be a picture of my four year old mooning me.

**"Mama what was I before I was born in your tummy". I answer "well you were a tadpole I guess". A couple days later he realizes something "oh no Mama, if I was a tadpole before I was in your tummy then I am going to turn into a frog". Apparently tadpole wasn't the proper response, considering during the time of this question we were raising tadpoles to frog stage.

So this are just a few, I wish I could think of the really awesome ones because these boys say the darnedest things daily. I must walk around with a voice recorder set to record all day long because that my friends would make perfect entertainment to play back at a get together with friends!