Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Age 9 the New Tween?

I love my daughter to pieces but seriously once she hit age 6 I started thinking "what on Earth happened to my precious little baby girl." I think someone decided that it would be super funny if once my daughter hit age 6 that they exchanged her personality for one that closely fit mine at her age. Although, I swear I didn't act the way she does at such a young age.

I recall not having an interest in boys and I also recall loving spending time with my Dad's side of the family and my grandparents as well as my aunt and uncle on my Mom's side of the family. I do not recall being snobby and rude to my loved ones at age 6 through age almost 9. My attitude seemed to have started around age 13.

Some days I have to ground my daughter by taking things away from her, such as her cell phone which really is only suppose to be used for contact with her Dad, but she is addicted to playing Tetris on it therefore it has become an extra privilege that quickly gets taken away upon bad behavior. My daughter loses her extra weekend movie nights in her room and sometimes she is sent to bed at the same time as her brothers if she hasn't been listening well or has given a negative attitude all day long.

I am beginning to wonder if age 9 should be the new tween. I predict that tweens start getting hormonal, start liking boys or at least showing some interest in them, they start liking all the iCarly and Victorious type shows and yes now a days they even seem to love Justin Beiber or however you spell his name.

I wasn't prepared for my daughter to become what I thought a tween was so close to age 9. I really had thought hoped that I had a few more years before all of this hormonal inbalance attitude would start.

I am now thinking that age 9 should be considered a tween because if it is not defined as that well then, I don't know what to define my daughter as other than unique, independent, stubborn, carefree and beautiful.

Full Disclosure: I love my daughter dearly, but seriously this new found her is starting to get a little weird for me. Clearly I don't want my daughter "defined" by anything other than who she is but seriously, I do think age 9 is the new tween for 2011.