Monday, July 25, 2011

I am Moving .. Again

I would say I have moved more in the past couple of years than I have in my whole life, but I would by lying to you. I started living on my own around age 17 but I had run away once for two weeks living with a boyfriend when I was real young and then I moved in and out for a few days at a time during age 16 - 17, which means I have moved around a lot in my lifetime.

Since having my daughter I have stuck pretty close to home, having had only a couple apartments and living with my mother a couple of times. Since having the boys I have gone through a divorce, getting back with the ex husband and  then off again which all created moving situations where I was either moving or he was.

This time I find myself moving to a home where I grew up, to a land where my parents bought as a way to give my sister and I place to call home. Now as my mother moves in with her boyfriend and takes that journey towards a different life I find myself moving into that home and taking care of it while she is pursuing happiness in her own life.

At first I was very sad to think this property would be sold but then my mom let me know it was not going to be sold and if I wanted to be there, I could be. I was so happy because when I first heard that she may sell this property I was in tears, devastated at thinking a place I had hoped would once be mine and or at least a place I could bring my children to see. Now I work on moving, back home, but back home with my children and I feel a sense of happiness sweeping over me that I can't even explain in words.

Mama I am coming home....