Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flying is Breeze

I recently went to Type-A Parent Conference in Asheville, NC. I enjoyed my trip so much that it isn't even going to be a question, other than finances, that I go next year! The only issue I had with getting to Type-A was that I had a choice to drive 18 hours there or fly a couple hours there.  I quickly started tweeting about my fear of flying & how I should get to Type-A when @mommycosm tweeted back at me. She is a NH blogger just like me and just like me she was heading to Type-A as a volunteer. Kim is her name and she told me she would be my flying buddy. This all happened via Twitter, I love the power of Twitter (shameless plug, I am @brandyellen so you better follow me).

I started panicking once the tickets for the flight were purchased. We would be in a plane down to NC for about four hours because the route was taking us from Boston, MA airport down to Atlanta, GA then back up to Asheville, NC. Had we gone straight and not out of the way it would only have been a two hour flight much like that of our flight back home from NC.

I felt a little nervous the morning of the flight but I had only gotten about three hours of sleep so my drowsy demeanor probably helped in keeping the anxiety down. I met up with Kim in Boston and she showed me the ropes. We got onto the plane and I sat near the window, a place I didn't think I would like because I tend to be claustrophobic. I loved looking over the clouds and down to the main land. The view from the airplane window was so amazing.

I didn't freak out once, not over air pockets, not using the bathroom, nothing. I loved flying so much that now I don't think I will question driving versus flying ever again. The only time I think flying versus driving will come into play is when we travel with the kids, in that case driving may suit us best.

I am ready for a vacation ....  wonder where I will fly next without the munchkins?