Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clearing Head To Be an Efficient Parent

It is extremely difficult to parent when your head is full of other things. I have learned that my issue now regarding getting my sons to stay in bed is that my mind is set on "it's work time for Mama" instead of "get kids to bed now", this means I get more overwhelmed, I am less apt to follow through and the boys know if they push hard enough and for long enough that Mama is going to have to sit to work so she will give in.

This past week I took time to get work done over the weekend so that I could devote 100% of my mind to getting the boys to stay in their beds. I needed my Mama rights back, I needed the boys to realize that while I love them dearly I mean business when I say it's bedtime. There is to be no joking around, there is to be no hitting Mama and there is to be nothing more than two boys staying in their own bed falling asleep.

Once I was able to set aside a week of my time to deal with the boys and have no other thought about having to work I was better able to have a clear mind and be more efficient as a parent. It is amazing what a clear head can help you accomplish in parenting!

My sons still have moments where they test my weakness, but I stick to my guns and I have won this battle and am proud to say my sons, for the most part, are actually going to bed when they are suppose to! Next step: working on getting the boys to stay asleep all night long!