Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank You Mom, For the Bug Zapper

My house has a swampy area in the woods which I can only assume brings on the major dose of mosquitoes we are getting this year. I can't stand bugs, nor moths. Just ask MommaDJane, she was the one laughing hysterically while I had a moth in my ear a Summer or two ago and was freaking out. Oh yeah .... bugs and me we don't get along and we are not friends at all!

Recently I had to go to my Mom's house, okay a few times because I am helping her with some animals, but on this particular time I was looking for a metal shovel to fix my darn mailbox and put the post back into the ground. While I looked in the shed I noticed that my Mom has a bug zapper. Do you know what I am talking about? It's one of those electric light things you hook up and it zaps bugs dead!

This has helped make mosquitoes and bugs just a little better. I no longer get attacked by June bugs when I head outside in the night time hours so I must say THANK YOU Mom for letting me use/have this item. It is getting great use here and I love having it, even if you need/want it back someday! For now I am loving this less buggy nights thing I have going on at my house!