Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SPAM Marketing Actually Brings Sales

Okay I can't recall where I heard this, I think it was on a radio station but the SPAM emails you get about Viagra and such? Well they actually WORK. Yes marketing works when you apparently spam the crap out of someone. I guess there is something over or around 80,000 SPAM messages for Viagra that go out.

I am sure you have seen them... they look something like "Want to get hard" or "Want hot chicks" or maybe something like "Having troubles getting it up" I mean they are rude, ridiculous and quickly deleted by me, I don't even open them. Although I must admit the subject lines do make me want to open the email to see if they are as clever with the email as they are with the subject of the email. A laugh is in order for some of those subjects they send across your spam filters.

Anyways - so this type of marketing, filling people's in-boxes with random crap actually works. Apparently Viagra sales have gone up since these spam emails have been going out, is that crazy?

Hey whatever works, apparently someone had the right idea! Now can I hire them for my marketing ideas? I wonder what my catchy subject line would be for freelance writing or being a virtual assistant?! hmm.....