Saturday, June 11, 2011

@JennatFFP Created my Happily Blended Facebook Welcome Page

I am so excited that @jennatFFP has created me a welcome tab for my Happily Blended Facebook page.

I contacted Jenn via Facebook and let her know I wanted simple, fun yet welcoming. I hope that you will visit my Happily Blended Facebook Page and tell me if you feel my welcome page is unique to me or not.

I think my welcome page fits me perfectly. Jen made the process super simple to have me place my welcome page as the landing page for visitors to Happily Blended's Facebook Page. I used to create my own tabs in Facebook pages but they have switched over to not allowing the "old style" pages which requires a bit more than simple code.

Jenn is currently working on her web design degree and she is open for business. I love her creative style, friendly personality and ability to see your vision simply through a message in email format. I would highly recommend you check out Desoodles - Oodles of Web Designs to see if Jenn may be a good fit for your web design needs!