Monday, June 20, 2011

Heading out ... Peace Out

I love you all, I love being home with my kids but I also love writing and I love socializing and so it is my pleasure to say I am heading to Type-A Parent Conference on Wednesday to meet up and be roomies with my real life best friend, @mommadjane.

We had been "virtual" friends for about two years when we met for the first time and now it has been two years since we have been in real life together. I was lucky in that I won a contest for free tickets to the conference and free 3 nights at the hotel for me and a friend, the friend ended up being none other than the rockin' MommaDjane who I love dearly!

We really seem like sisters, we have the normal ups and downs, lack of talking daily and such that you would have with sisters, but maybe sisters is a bit extreme. I don't care what you call it, her and I have been through a lot and she is most likely the only person online that I have met who knows the MOST about me on a personal level and she best be keeping her mouth shut! haha!

So off I go to fly for the first time, have a conference for the first time and be away from my sons for four days for the FIRST time... my daughter and I have no separation issues but my sons and I  .... oh man I think I am as bad as them!

Read more at Type-A Parent Conference article on Happily Blended. (oh and see a pic of her and I at my father's in VT)

Happy Week and weekend everyone!