Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flying To NC in Less than 2 Weeks

I am heading to my first blog conference called Type-A Parent Conference and it's in North Carolina. As the days pass the more and more I realize I AM FLYING.

Do you realize I have never flown? I have always said that people aren't met to fly! We are meant to be on the ground but driving to NC with @mommycosm just seemed more stressful than to just hop on a plane with her.

I will be rooming with my best friend ever, going on four years of virtual friendship --- @mommadjane .. she totally rocks. We don't speak daily, we don't always contact each other every month. Shit we have gone months without a note I am sure between us but no matter what we know we have each other's backs.

I am excited to be learning more and meeting awesome blog buddies!

SO .... on June 22nd I head off to North Carolina for four days .... wish me luck! (and fun)