Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Do you realize I love BEE's? Yes, well ... okay not in person but I do love anything to do with home decor or keepsakes that has to do with Bee's. This is because my maiden name initials are Bee, how cool is that? I mean seriously I want to go back to that name so I can have those initials instead of Bet. I guess Bet is okay, I mean you can bet on me and win every time because I totally rock but bee is so much better... bzzzzz.

I use to have a variety of items that were in my home that said Bee Happy, that is totally my style. At least if you read you will see the connection between BEE Happy and me. I love to bee happy!

So what is it that you love so much or collect? Also, do your initials spell something cool?