Thursday, May 12, 2011

PB & J Sandwich, Hold the Peanut Butter

I seriously do not understand my sons, at all. Maybe I just simply do not understand the male species in general, and so that would explain why my sons are often putting me in states of confusion!

My sons, ages 2 & 4 have learned a habit, this habit was taught to them by their 8 year old sister. The habit is eating peanut butter with a spoon from the jar. This isn't a totally bad habit, I don't mind if they do this, but my evil recliner and me no longer are friends because I sat in my evil recliner one morning and passed out. Without realizing I was asleep I opened my eyes to a two year old with peanut butter all over my couch, his arms were like gloves of peanut butter too. It was a mess, so now I no longer sit in my evil recliner, I sit on the uncomfortable little couch I have instead, because there will be no Mama falling asleep with a two year old eating peanut butter incidents anymore!

Image: Rawich /

Okay now back to the sandwich ordeal, my sons obviously love peanut butter, but they do not love it on a sandwich. Seriously! They request for lunch a jelly only sandwich, do not put peanut butter on this sandwich because they will not be impressed and refuse to eat it until you scrub off the peanut butter, or in my case make a new sandwich with jelly only.

I don't know when these boys started this jelly only habit, but I have to keep reminding myself because it is habit to make a PB&J sandwich, not a J sandwich....

So do your kids have or did they have any odd habits that made no sense to you?