Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Brandy with a Y

SO my Facebook profile clearly says BRANDY. My Blogger Profile clearly Says BRANDY. My blogs clearly say BRANDY.

Why is it that so many have issues with spelling of names? My name is a farily comment on but I did go to school with a Brandi and a Brandie ... so I get it, some are used to spelling Brandy with an "i" or "ie" at the end, but nope not me.

My name is like that Brandy you sip, or chug depending upon how much you love your Coffee Brandy alcohol. Okay I don't drink hard liquor but I do know that Brandy is a form of alcohol. My Dad loves him some good alcohol so who knows if that is where my name came from, I do know my middle name is from my Mom and has been passed down to my daughter as well for a middle name.

So why is it that people spell names wrong when they are right in front of their faces? My children's names are not a normal spelling so most get their name wrongs, and I get that, but Brandy? I think of it as a common name...

You see I am anal about trying to spell someones name correctly, there are a thing called typos that happen ... but come on two times in one day with two different people? That is a first for me with the name of Brandy.

Does anyone ever spell your name wrong? Does it bother you at all some days?