Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love a Good Salesperson

I am not normal because I truly love a good salesperson. That is not to say they will talk me into a thing, because after all I am an awesome salesperson who stopped selling things years ago! Can't outsell a good seller, and that's me, I rock the bad ass shoes of a salesperson!

Okay anyways, all rambling out of the way, I do seriously love a good salesperson. Case in point? The Schwan's man who delivered me my frozen Nutrisystem meals totally took that moment to make sure I knew of all his great deals that are fab-u-lo-so for those who are on Nutrisystem!

They have healthy veggie options because after all apparently all this salesperson knows is I am sitting back eating veggies all day long on some journey to lose weight, which .... well.. I did lose weight {eating pizza and chicken and cookies}, a whole 2lbs in just the first week on this program, don't believe? Watch my YouTube video and just look into my totally ecstatic face!

Anyways, I guess the moral of my post is that I love the Schwan's man selling ways ... you go NH Schwan's man! You had me at ice cream, er I mean veggies!

Do you love a good salesperson? Please tell me I am normal and not alone!