Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ever Wanna Pull your Hair OUT?

I would love to just pull my hair out right now. I am a positive person, I can find the good in situations but some situations just plain SUCK. The situation I am in, sucks!

My main, money making site has malware issues. YES it does. The hosting company, same hosting this site is on, says site is clean. I run reports, I purchase $50 a year freaking security program (that's at 80% off mind you because I got an affiliate deal) and all the sites pull up malware code that is malicious or not good, whatever.

Hosting still says clean. First time they missed stuff and came back to me saying "oops yeah some code was missed". Do you realize I have code on many pages and now Google and Firefox have my site listed as an attack site? I am freaking annoyed. I got a quote, almost $2,000 to fix it with one company? really?

I am a freaking work at home mom, I am not rich, I barely can pay my bills and yet you want me to pay that amount? When in all reality had the hosting been more secure maybe just maybe this would not have happened?

So .... yes ... I plan to scream a the top of my lungs. Between this and the boys not sleeping, I am ready to just throw hands up in the air, quit and go to sleep.

I know I won't just go to sleep, I am a hard working woman who will move forward, but this malware issue is keeping me from making MY MONEY and when someone or something gets in the way of me making my money that I work damn hard for, well, it's not a pretty situation!