Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear "Can't Get Over Past"

Of course there are things in everyone's past. We all have a past, present and future. I firmly believe our past is so that we can make mistakes, learn from mistakes and figure out who we are. As teens many get rebellious, disrespectful and think they know all. I must admit I was a pretty rough teen, although I still got good grades and graduated.

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Maybe due to the fact that I have worked since age 13 and was great in school no one thought I was a party girl who loved her some hard liquor, I think it was Jim Beam and Pepsi for the most part. I can't even smell that stuff now without feeling nauseous.

What I don't get is how grown adults, elders so to speak are still so stuck on themselves and their children that they look down upon others who made mistakes as a teen. I mean have these particular elders never made a mistake? Have these elders raised "perfect" children? Because if no mistakes have ever been made and their children are perfect, I swear they MUST NOT be part of this world.

What annoys me the most in life is when people can't get off their high horses and try to put themselves in another persons shoes, get over the freaking past and see the grown adult I have become. Obviously if they haven't been a huge part of my life then they shouldn't annoy me, but in all realty they do some days because I have it in my head that I want to be "nice" to everyone, but I am sorry I had to make a decision to agree to disagree on how some elders feel.

I can't imagine missing out on someone's life because I am still stuck on things they did nearly 15 years ago, that sounds silly to me!

Have you ever been in a situation where an elder in your life still passes judgement and refuses to get along with you because of your rebellious years?