Friday, May 27, 2011

Common Sense Needs No Government

I do not get into politics but some government laws that are tried seem crazy to me. Child abuse is illegal, period. I don't need the government telling me I can not tap my child on the bum if they are reaching for the stove fire or attempting to run across the road. I am not a spanking Mom, I do tap my sons on the butt on occasion but it does nothing and it's not a common practice for discipline. I am a time out and take things away kinda Mom.

I get annoyed when I hear that the government wants laws that say you can not spank your kids. When the government starts being your nanny, times get touchy. Who is to say what stepping over boundaries with spanking is? Child abuse is what it is and that is obviously not okay.

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I feel that all too often rules or laws are being put in place that are keeping us at making common sense decisions. Perfect example; NH has a motto "Live Free or Die". In NH we don't have to buckle up after age 18, we don't have to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle and I am sure there are some other rules/laws in place that no other state really has in place.

These are common sense decisions. The NH state sign says "Buckle up Under age 18. Common Sense for All". Period. That's it. And that is how it should be.

Common sense is going down the drain and I don't need government to waste time on petty common sense crap when they have more important issues to work with. When did adults start getting so lazy that they needed laws or rules to set them back on the common sense track? I thought children were the only ones who need to be taught good morals and common sense, not adults.