Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things Are About To Get Hectic

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Life is about to get crazy! Not only do I have one in school but come Fall I will have two in school as well as two in different age groups for soccer, which means four days a week of sports. Also my middle child wants to play t-ball if he is old enough so I am going to see about signing him up for that like now. I am about to be busy and had hoped that this wouldn't happen until my kids were closer to their teen years.

My children are 8, 4 and 2 ... why so busy already? I love being a mom but sometimes I wonder how do I ever keep up with the busy days of a mom, night working hours from home and extra curricular activities.

My children, mainly the two boys dislike riding in the car, rather they despise being placed in their seats in the car to go anywhere. It's a battle to go to the store, to go to the bank .... it is a pain to get out of the house with them period! I am in a way looking forward to having my youngest all to myself next school session but at the same time not looking forward to the four days a week in the car and five days a week of pick up and drop offs for school.

The one good thing about the kids growing older is that maybe someday they will start having sleep overs and kids parties - I am so ready for that fun!