Monday, April 11, 2011

Family, Writing and Support

One thing I can always count on in life is that my family knows I am a talker and a writer. Many in my family may disagree with my life choices and that is okay, not that it doesn't bother me because I do feel I am an adult & that they should simply accept my decisions and wish me well rather than judge or push negative opinions on me. I get it, elders have lived and learned but why don't they wish me to do the same? Maybe it's the "want to protect the younger generation" attitude or maybe it's the fear of me completely screwing up and falling flat on my face. Whatever the reason is, no matter what decisions I make or have made my family does seem to agree on one thing and that is my skill to write.

I write everything from blog posts to short stories to poetry. I started writing poetry as a young child because it was my way of getting the thoughts I had built up outside of my head. I recall one year as an elementary child writing on a piece of paper some numbers, and it happened sometime after my parents divorce. I loved my father and I loved my mother but it broke me when he left, even though I knew it was for the best. It seems writing has simply put "been my therapy" all along so it's no big surprise that I grew up to start some blogs!

The other day I was checking email and I noticed that my Mom had left a comment on my Happily Blended Facebook page in response to a poem I wrote for Welch's and she was basically telling me how proud she is of me and that I really should publish my poetry or write a book. Do you know that the one comment from my Mom made my day? That one simple little sentence meant more to me than 100 compliments in any given day, my Mom means so much to me and I love her dearly, even if we don't show love in the way I think love should be shown at all times.

I will forever love my family, they are my relatives and I don't mean just blood relations because I have many people I consider family and grew up with being my aunt, uncle, grampa, etc that are not blood related but I would do anything for them.

So one day when I finally publish a book, a compilation of my poems or a short story I will have to dedicate this to my family and most of all my mother for always supporting my writing skill.

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Who is the one person that just makes your day when they leave you a kind word or sentence?