Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everyone Has Penis

My sons usually call their penis a "pee-pee", however, since I do refer to it as a penis with my four year old at times. He had surgery on his penis, etc he has learned the word penis. I never had to deal with such questions until my son turned four, seriously! I remember back and my daughter had zero questions really and even to this day she is 8 and isn't so full of body part type of questions, when I try to talk to her about body parts and such she has no interest in speaking about such topics, my four year old son on the other hand ... totally interested and brings up the questions always!

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The other day I was going pee and apparently we have no privacy in this house when it comes to the boys so my four year old came a walking in. Just as I was about to say can you please let Mama go pee, he started asking questions.

Four Year Old: Why don't you stand up to pee Mama?

Mama: Well because I don't have a penis, so I have to sit and pee.

Four Year Old: You silly Mama everyone can stand up and pee.

Mama: ummm no hunny if I stood up to pee you would not want to see the mess I made. I have a vagina not a penis like you so it's just a hole which means I can't stand to pee.

Four Year Old:  {with a laugh} Silly Mama every one has a penis!

Mama: okay whatever, since you are clearly not hearing me and I am clearly not going to show you what I mean right now can you please go out of the bathroom so I can pee in privacy?

Four Year Old stands there ... does not leave bathroom til I do.

I am thinking I need to find some books, because I am obviously not showing him my vagina and comparing body parts. Seriously. That is a no no.

I understand why my four year old is having questions, we are very open about our bodies in this house. We do not run around naked, however, if  a kid runs into the bathroom while one of us is getting out of the shower or going pee, we don't freak out. My daughter is older so she knows privacy and gives that to us, but the 2 and 4 year old boys are slowly learning and by slowly I mean like a snail or slower!

Are you open about these type of discussions with your child(ren)? Or were you when they were younger?