Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do Young Children Suffer from Anxiety?

I often find my eight year old having troubles sleeping, she will stay in bed but wake mid night without realizing why it is she is doing this. It is as if her mind is full yet she can not pinpoint one reason why her mind is full. As a worrier and a concerned little girl I can see that she would possibly suffer from anxiety at a young age as she is so much like me in trying to please others, worry about others and take care of others, however, I do not wish for my daughter to suffer from anxiety the way I did growing up!


I spoke with my counselor I go see for the four year old and he did state that my daughter may have anxiety and as children get older it is common. Lately I have been noticing my four year old starting to suffer anxiety type of feelings, these feelings my four year old has often seem more about shadows, wild animals getting him and they seem to stem from dreams he has at night.

So why is it that young children can suffer from anxiety? Is it the idea of things unknown to them that would cause them such worry and concern and have your children ever suffered similar symptoms?