Thursday, April 14, 2011

60,000 A favorite Number Maybe

My four year old is obsessed with the number 60,000. He has a new found love of numbers and every time we turn around he is telling us (and random cashiers) that he can hold or count to 60,000. He is just this strong boy who feels no pain, seriously thinks he is invisible and if he were a bit older I would say this boy is very arrogant.

I love my son, he is a riot! This new found speech and love of numbers as well as learning makes Mama proud but when he is constantly in competition mode it makes for a rough time with various areas of our day.

A funny story, wish I had pics of it. My four year old went to the store with his Dad and they came back to tell me this story;

Four Year Old: he was holding a couple drinks in his arms and maybe another item as well that was slowly slipping out of his hands probably.

Cashier: Says to four year old, something about maybe wanting to put that on the counter or something so it doesn't fall.

Four Year Old: with a serious, I am all that kinda look says, I can hold 60,000 of this.

Cashier: says something else to him about it, but I forgot what.

Four Year Old: just glares at him like how dare you speak to me.

Cashier: says have a nice day!

Four Year old: Turns back at the door and glares at cashier with a look of death.

I love my four year old, but sometimes his looks can just KILL.... it's like he can see right into you and he has the look of danger in his eyes with that serious glare.

I think we are all in trouble.....