Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Happened to Dinner at Grandparents?

I was reading a blog post over at MomStart and it sort of hit home with me, it was a blog post about eating dinner at grandparents house. You see, growing up I spent Summers with my aunt & uncle as well as a lot of time with my Gram and Grampa. The person I say Grampa is my grams second husband who to this day I still call Grampa because that is who he is and will always be to me, blood related or not. I swear, family is more than just blood to me!

I miss those carefree childhood days when I spent time with my family and had fun times with them. I often find myself being sad that my children will not have that growing up. My daughter will in many ways because she has her father and his family as well as most of my family who will take her over night anytime. Problem is, I don't like to let my kids go away from me often. The main reason with my daughter is that she is gone often with her father so when she is home I want all the time I can possibly have with here. The boys are another story, no ONE will take them. Okay so not NO ONE, my ex sister in law will take them, she loves the boys so much but other than her there are few people who will give AJ a chance or wish to change Baby K's diapers.

I have been a person who rarely gets a break from my sons and maybe in some warped way that is partially why my marriage failed or we gave up so easily in a way ... we never had tiem to ourselves, EVER.

I miss family, those big get togethers where you all argue and laugh and smile yet no matter how mad you make each other you are happy to be together family.

To me, I live on a main road that many family members drive daily or at least a few times a week but they rarely stop to say hello. I would love to entertain company. I wish more family would stop by to see who I am today because I tell you growing up I was one rebellious lost little girl who is now a mother of three and so happy to be a work at home mother.

To you all have family togetherness? Family reunions or anything like that?