Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Thoughts on this Fine Tuesday

You see I don't keep up to date on this blog as often as I should, not sure why. Maybe it's because I usually only write on this blog when I have something to say and am passionate about the topic, there are a few things that have been on my mind:

  1. If you do not live in my home, live with my children and see first hand what we do to work with them, then don't judge. I won't judge you do not judge me or act as if YOU KNOW all the answers, because that is just plain WRONG to do.

  2. Give advice only. Advice on all of life situations, including parenting is warmly welcomed. I enjoy another parents opinion and yes even from parents who parent in a way I never would, just do not PUSH IT ON ME as if you know all. What works for one parent & child may not work for another parent & child .. period.

  3. My son has surgery on Thursday so I am a little nervous about that.

  4. I am annoyed with many people, moody and emotionally. Hopefully this just means my period is coming. Hot and cold flashes and moody behavior is driving me batty and I am sure it's driving those close to me batty too.

  5. My two year old is lucky he is so darn cute, he is a pain in the butt some days but he has quickly learned to stay in a time out and now we just have an occasional bedtime issue with him.

I am not a firm mean Mama, it is not in my nature. Patience and compassion has worked for me and my children. For some reason this week I just want to bite off the heads of anyone who tries to tell me what to do and that they know best. Seriously .... come to my house for a FULL MONTH, attend counseling and watch in a day of my life ... then at that point MAYBE just MAYBE I will take your advice as set in stone.

ON a positive note - I have enjoyed hearing how other parents deal with children, because I do enjoy finding out what other parents do that works for them because after all, parenting is a learning experience & if we all share wisdom with each then maybe combining a little of this person's technique with the other persons technique will equal a positive reaction in the household.

Have a terrific Tuesday ... I am off to hide in a closet until this moodiness disappears!