Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dating Deal Breakers

I know you all have them, those dating deal breakers. If you are a single person out in the dating world you have a list of specific things that are quite simply put ... deal breakers.

A deal break is something that is not acceptable to you, something that no matter how awesome this person is, the fact that they exhibit this quality or characteristic you will not be able to continue dating them.

I have a few deal breakers and here are the most important ones for me:

  • Doesn't have their own child or children {never works for me ever}

  • Aggressive or overly jealous, often wondering who or what you are doing. {no way dude}

  • Wants more children. { I am thinking three is plenty for me }

  • Insecure. {need I say more?}

  • Believes in trusting a person when they prove that they can be trusted instead of trusting a person until they give you a reason not to be trusted. {buh-bye man}

To some those may not seem like big deals and out of my list above I would say the whole having more children idea may not be a 100% deal breaker but honestly I wanted to get fixed after my last born for a reason, I hate being pregnant. If I was an awesome pregnant person who was sweet as sweet could be 90% of the time I would totally be up to have a huge family OR if I knew 150% that I was guaranteed to be with this person for the rest of my life & never have to share my child in separate homes, then maybe just maybe that option wouldn't be considered a deal breaker. Let's be honest though, as it stands it can be a huge deal breaker for this chick.

So ... do you have those deal breakers that are simply NO WAY DUDE when it comes to dating? I know you all have them, even if you are no longer dating I bet you had some back in the days of dating, I am curious, I want to hear them! Leave comment below!