Monday, February 28, 2011

Warning Signs of Abusive Relationship

I know all the red signals of a person who may be emotionally or psychically abusive. I can't say I have been in many physically abusive relationships but I have had the pleasure of being emotionally abused as well as being the person who emotionally abused someone. You see back in the way past of my life I was a mean, evil person and that evil personality has stuck deep inside of me and only comes out to play if someone does me wrong in an abusive way or puts me down as a mother.

You see, I know all the signs because I used to be that person and I have known and still know many who are abusive in various forms. The red signals to me are not limited to the following:

  • A need to know what you are doing, where you are located at all times.

  • Snooping into your online accounts.

  • Accusing you of wrong doing over and over again without valid reasoning {this wouldn't hold true as an example if you had done something for that person to not trust you 100%}

  • Constant degrading of your appearance, intelligence and similar.

  • Apologizes profusely for their actions yet the actions continue on later.

There are many ways to spot an abusive person, but I usually use the excuse of insecurity for a person who is abusive in some form. A man or woman who is constantly acting like they are better than you or constantly in fear of you leaving may mean they have some deep underlying psychological issues which will require some professional assistance.

Like I said, I used to be that insecure mean, evil girl. I started having sex at a young age and I grew beyond my years even before high school graduation. I have lived a rebellious, evil life in some ways while in other ways I have grown as a person due to those rebellious evil days. I have attended counseling in the past more than once, I have been on various anxiety/anti-depression medications in the past but what finally worked for me to realize I deserve better and so do other people is the day I started training my brain to think positive thoughts. Law of Attraction is something I just started learning about in the past year but for the past three to four years I had already been practicing Law of Attraction without realizing what it was.

No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship, please do not make excuses for someone who is this way! Do not minimize their behavior, hold them accountable and be certain not to ever think you are stuck and can not get out as there is so much help out there. I have personal first hand experience through my life as a child to know that everyone can get away from abuse and live a normal, happy life.
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