Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Sugar Coating & No Excuses

OMG if I have to hear one more person sugar coating something just to make someone feel better or making an excuse so that the person can feel better about a situation I am going to barf, yes BARF.

I think life is as simple as focusing on the good things, or focusing on a solution to a problem versus sitting & sulking or making excuses or telling someone something in a sweet way even though it isn't the whole truth just to appease them. I mean seriously, when are some people going to say enough is enough and hold others as well as themselves accountable for their life, their actions and such?

I know ... who I am to tell others how to live their life, I am not trying to be some person who tells others how to live and how to feel, we are all individuals and we all handle life in our own ways. The problem I see, and again, this is simply my blunt opinion, is that most people do not actually deal with a situation; they try to cover up the situation with pity, excuses and making light of the problem.

I spend time every day keeping my mind focused on feeling 100% certain of all decisions made, I debate back and forth, I question myself, I wonder about the future and the current situation, I think about the past situations, etc all to ensure that when my day is over that I know in my heart I have lived my life to the best possible way and made the best possible solutions to every problem without question.

I can tell you that I am not perfect, I have caught myself coming up with excuses before, having a moment of sadness nearing depression over situations. Life is beyond easy, but it is all about sucking it up and dealing with life. Deal with it &  move forward! The only way to make your life successful is to stop with excuses and stop trying to please other people. Life is way to short ... live it to the fullest in your own amazing way!
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