Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter time in NH and Mailboxes

We have a ghetto mailbox that is pretty much held up by snow at the moment and someday maybe this Summer I will get some help to fix it.  I have had to purchase a new mailbox every single year after Winter time hits because the state plow truck comes through and smacks the mailboxes on this road with the plow. I recall looking down the road one day after a bad winter storm to see almost every mailbox on this road was taken out by that plow. I don’t know what was up with that, I am sure if you are a long time reader you remember I wrote about it.

So I have been looking around at various mailboxes because after Winter in NH is gone I will soon have to purchase a new mailbox. I happen to love decorative mailboxes but with my NH Winter luck on this crazy road I guess I won’t be able to get one, I mean what is the point just to have it ruined come Winter time?

My search will continue for a new mailbox and maybe someday I will get a pretty nifty mailbox that is strong enough to withstand that darn snow plow that gets it each year.
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