Monday, January 10, 2011

The Terrific Two's & Baby K

For some reason I completely forgot about the terrific two's, you know that time when your little one reaches the ripe ole age of two and you wonder what happened to your little sweet baby man?! Yeah that is where I am at right now. The two year old thinks he can do all, hang from anything and boy does he have a smart ass mouth! I haven't ever had the other two children be like my little guy.

The other day Baby K's Dad told me about something that happened while they were eating dinner. We often call Karter nicknames of K, Baby K, or Krazy Karter but for the most part the letter K just stuck. While at dinner K's father referred to Karter as K and he told me the story as follows:

DAD: K sit and eat dinner

K: MY NAME IS KARTER {in a loud monster-ish voice}

DAD: I know your name is Karter I named you, K is your nickname.

K: MY NAME IS KARTER OR BABY KARTER {in a loud monster-ish voice}

DAD: Ok but K is short for Karter.

K: MY NAME IS KARTER {in a loud monster-ish voice}

DAD: Okay whatever, just eat your dinner and sit down on your seat right.

Apparently I have raised a smart aleck child who has an answer or sarcastic reply for whatever you say. Hey for two years old he already knows how to tell people the way it is so maybe, just maybe he will be a confident big dude some day!
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