Friday, January 14, 2011

The Story Continues ... With Passion This Time

Sometimes you may wonder "what if" this moment happened in my previous relationship ... would I have fallen back in love? I say no but one fictional woman did .. and here is the story:

He came home from a long day at work and dinner was warm, ready waiting for him on the table. The man wasn't interested in the dinner laying on his plate, what the man was interested in was his hot woman with a smile on her face, apron on, ready to serve him. The man wanted his woman to serve him all right, to serve him with something a bit more steamy than what laid on that plate over on the kitchen table.

The woman wasn't expecting what happened next, her man came up to her grabbed a hold of her and with his arms wrapped around her laid a big passionate kiss upon her lips. The woman squirmed a little, for she was shocked at how different her man was acting. Although a smile crossed her face, her heart was racing and her body tingling wondering what her man had in store for her next.

The man turned his woman around and led her to the bedroom where he continued to kiss her but this time on her neck, he kissed her slowly on her neck as her voice moaned from the sheer pleasure of his lips touching her skin. They fall upon the bed and start touching each other passionately, hands roaming, minds wandering and the excitement was so intense that they just had to have each other.

The man slowly worked off his woman's clothes, they entwined their bodies and they enjoyed a long passionate night of love making.  When the woman woke up the next morning she found a sweet love note beside the bed saying:
Thanks for the great night, I am off to work but today I will miss you and I can not wait to return home to kiss your sweet lips. Love always, your man

This was the day that love and passion was brought back into the house and that was the night that she fell in love with her man all over again.
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