Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A so-called Passionate Moment

She whispers in his ear "the kids are sleeping darling" and he looks at her with an eagerness to feel her body against his, as she pulls him close and he obeys she starts to nibble on his neck and his ears, hoping that this will surely get what she wants out of him. She has been waiting all day for her man to come home and after a long day with the children all she wishes is to feel the tenderness of her mans touch, his breath against her neck and long deep kisses with tongue. Just touching and feeling of two bodies together, something she dreams about nightly, will make her feel the love she longs to feel.

Just as she starts to nibble his neck and his ears, she realizes he is pulling away, he isn't interested in this sort of affection. The type of attention she is used to giving is not that of the attention he desires. The two desires of two people living a life together do not mesh, they are not compatible or so she starts to think. Just then he starts to kiss along her neck and she feels his breath along her neck as his kisses get more intense along her neck slowly working up to her lips where he thrusts his tongue into her mouth and together they enjoy a long, passionate kiss.

This passionate kiss lasts for what seems like hours to a stay at home Mom who's most appreciation all day was having her child wipe his own face after lunch. Just then, he stops kissing her and slowly unbuttons her pajama top, revealing her bra and underneath is what she longs to have him touch, to kiss and appreciate, but he doesn't remove the bra, instead, he slowly walks her toward the bedroom where she hopes with all her might she is going to have some passionate love making happen.

They both arrive at the bed and lay down on their own sides of the bed and just as fast as that passionate moment had started ... it died. Before she knew it he was snoring in bed beside her as she fought back tears in her eyes, wondering if she was attractive enough, wondering if she was good enough, wondering what in the world was wrong with her that a man who says he loves her dearly would allow her to go to bed feeling unsatisfied, unappreciated and not needed.
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