Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Ain't No Easy Task

Who said being a parent was easy? I think I did probably about the age of fourteen when I was babysitting two cute little boys. I loved babysitting, I loved children. I did everything I could do to be that fun babysitter and it was fun. I thought who couldn't do this. Feed 'em, wipe 'em, play with 'em, it all seemed relatively easy. I did get knocked out once by a set of boxing gloves on an eight year old but hey it was all in good fun!

I was the one person who would babysit any one's children, when I had friends with younger siblings I would spend my time playing with them and being silly. There was always something about children that fascinated me, I don't know if it was the fact that they haven't seen the world and so they aren't afraid to tell you that you look fat, smell funny or are wearing a horrible outfit. Children are born without fear and yet we instill fear in them. Of course it is good to have fear, but something about a young child who believes he or she can fly, truly fly makes you wonder when do we, as adults, lose that skill? The skill to have no fear, pursue your dreams and fly, truly fly.

Then one day when I was 20 years old I became a Mom, 20 days before I turned 21 years of age.  I will tell you I wasn't worried about being legally of age to drink as I was a teen drinker, just check my record the underage DWI will tell ya I did drink. Of course I learned my lessons from the mistakes I have made and I feel all the little mistakes I made as a teen have helped me to be a good Mommy, to truly put them first.  What I wasn't expecting back in the good ol' babysitting days is to come to realize raising kids ain't no easy task, not at all!

First off giving birth, although a beautiful experience, hurts like a {insert some profanity here} and carrying around extra weight for nine months with all the weird cravings and lack of sleep can totally make you not want another one. Yet, I had three, three beautiful children who I adore day in and day out. I am ready to be a Mommy, I was the first time I laid eyes on my sweet daughter, held her in my arms and nursed her for the first time. I absolutely love my children but some days I wonder ... will this ever get easier?!
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