Saturday, October 23, 2010

Surviving Without Midol

I have a new love in my life, yes I am cheating on Justin for one week out of the month with my new love ....

Yes it is true, I am in love with Midol for four days every month, and this month? I ran out with little money to spare for the little pills that keep this girl on a positive mood. I swear I wish men could deal with a period at least two times in their life so they can stop telling me "you've had your period how long now? Shouldn't you be able to have found a way to deal with it by NOW"? Yes that was said to me by my daughter's father while I was having a slightly bitchy moment before soccer practice one day.

Gotta love that we get along so well, NOT. So here it is my confession.. I am in love with Midol and ever since I started using it I have refused to stop using it. I am addicted to Midol, it keeps this positive girl on a positive roll oh yeah and stops those damn cramps from attacking me all day long!

This month it has been a test, a test that I will pass, but next month I am making sure we get this Mama some Midol Maximum Strength Menstrual Complete Caplets, preferably a six month supply!