Friday, October 15, 2010

Smells Like a Wet Dog

The other day I was making breakfast for the boys, we had sausage links cooked in the microwave and I made scrambled eggs on the stove. When I took the sausage links out of the microwave I said "ew smells like a wet dog", the sausage seriously smelled so gross, I could barely eat it. I did eat it and the scrambled eggs too.

Veggie sausage, scrambled eggs and home fries.
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I set up a plate of scrambled eggs with two sausage links for the boys and all of a sudden I hear AJ say "tastes like wet dog". I died of laughter. Remember parents .... watch what you say because little ears are constantly listening to you!

Shocked Face
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They may not repeat it exactly like you said it but they will repeat it regardless of what it is that was said!
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