Friday, October 22, 2010

Raising Boys

When I was younger I knew I wanted to be a mother some day, when the time was right. I never really had a vision as to how many children I wanted or preferred to have. I think I always wanted at least one girl and one boy but had no real preference, just healthy was all I really thought about.

Welcome today, I am now a work at home mother of three children. I have one girl and then two boys. Let me tell you what, if I had heard all the stories about boys I may have thought twice before having another child but my daughter was an amazing baby and young child that she made me want to have so many more.

Then it came, I found out I was preggers, with a boy. I swore that they didn't know what they were talking about. Here I was single, pregnant, totally unplanned and having a boy! I have one sister and a lot of aunts, very few males in the family at the time other than some distant cousins that I rarely spent time with growing up. I knew girls, I am a girl, I could handle girl problems, questions, issues, etc. BOYS? I was clueless.

I love my sons but they have taught me a few things about the male species:

  • Boys have a fascination about every body party, mainly those that other people shouldn't see.

  • Boys are obsessed with jumping on furniture, breaking things and then attempting to fix them.

  • Boys will keep you running in every direction all day long and sometimes all night long.

  • Boys will head butt each other and you without a tear hitting their eyes.

Boys are just boys ... they are built to be tough. I swear I wish I was boy sometimes ... they are invincible or so they think!
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