Saturday, October 16, 2010

Non-Friend of the Month Please Go Away

It happens to most females that haven't undergone a hysterectomy and still have a menstrual cycle, or what I prefer to call my non-friend of the month. That time of the month when you just can't stand anything, cry at a whim and are completely irritable. The week before symptoms are usually what make me realize I am about to have a visitor from a non-friend.

You know your non-friend of the month is coming when ....

  • you find yourself crying over ketchup everywhere.

  • you find yourself detesting things you normally love.

  • you find yourself not wanting to be near your loved ones.

  • you no longer have patience to deal with the energy of your children.

  • you want to sleep all day and night.

  • you want to eat salty things or chocolate.

  • you are so irritable the littlest things set you on fire.

If you experience any or all of these symptoms it may be that time of the month. Just sayin'

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