Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Internet For a Week

Whatever shall I do? I am moving over this weekend and will not have Internet for a whole week. Luckily I have made more than my normal income for a month which means I am able to afford a week off. I am excited that I worked my arse of and get to take a week off but the week off is not by choice.

You see we have to switch to satellite Internet because, well, we are moving to the boonies. I love the country, I am a country kind of gal with very little experience in a city. I love the woods and living in a more private location than I currently live in. The only problem I have is the Internet, I am used to having Comcast Internet.

Luckily we can afford a high end satellite package which will be quite a bit faster than DSL but still slower than cable Internet. I can deal with that. The other thing is that between 2am and 7am we have unlimited usage which means we can schedule any downloads we may have to do during those hours saving us on our usage during the normal times. I have heard mixed reviews about satellite Internet but the company we are going to be using has more positive than negative reviews!

One week without Internet will allow me to get my new private office organized for a more productive fresh start of life and business. I can't wait but at the same time I haven't gone more than a few hours without Internet in a long time! I do have my Blackberry so I can still do the tweeting and Facebook stuff which rocks. I also have wifi on my laptop which means I can go to my Dad's or Mom's house and hook up should I have any blog posts to do or last minute work that takes a little time but needs to be done.

I am thankful that all my clients are understanding that I am taking a week off. I love my clients!
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