Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving ... Yes That's What We're Doing

At the end of the month we will be moving into a larger home that will be better than our current one. Each child will have their own space, we will have our master bedroom and master bathroom. The kids get their own bathroom, a full bathroom, none of that quarter bathroom stuff. My daughter will get a huge room that she can decorate anyway she wants. I am excited, this is a step in the right direction for the fresh start Justin and I wanted for our family.

I am so excited and nervous at the same time, you see this move will require a school change and we are a little bit into the school year. When I first told my daughter she was a little upset, a tear came to her eyes but then she wanted me to drive by the new house to show her. As we started to drive to this new home we will be living in she saw how close it was to her father, how close it was to other locations she enjoys visiting and well her tears started to disappear and her mind started working just like her Mama's .... focusing on how this move can be a great change!

My daughter is going to create business cards with her contact information on them for school mates and use a journal to capture her friends information. The great news is that my daughter's father is on the same page as me and we will be working as a team to transfer her school.  My daughter's father had a great way of looking at the situation "you will not be losing friends you will be gaining friends" and how true that is. Where we are moving isn't too far away from where we live now, it's a change as far as home size goes and the fact that it's a bit out there so no more forgetting to buy milk while I am in town because "town" will no longer be a two minuted drive down the road.

The new town is close enough so that my daughter can still play soccer for the same team she has been playing on for four years, she will still be able to visit her current friends. The change will be amazing, I am getting excited just thinking of going from somewhere near 1000 square feet to over 2000 square feet of house! We won't lose land to play in either, the new house has about 5 acres and we have about 6 here. I am nervous going from purchased home to rental home but I have owned a home for nearly five years, I worked hard for it, and am proud but overall we have outlived this home and I am ready to be a tenant for a while. So much easier when something goes wrong.

Will we buy in the future? Sure will, but for now this is our change for the fresh start Justin and I wanted for our family. More space means less headache, of course it also means more space to heat, more places for toys to go ... more places for little munchkins to hide on Mama. So much fun, so excited yet nervous ... a big step towards a positive future.
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