Monday, October 18, 2010

Life Can Get Complicated

Sometimes I wonder why I chose the work at home life. I am a social person who needs adult interaction. I love people, all people. I have held a variety of positions in my working years since the age of 13 and by far I think being  a cashier is the best because everyone tells you their life story, you get to mingle, interact and socialize with customers frequently. I worked second and third shift positions which left time to mingle and it was a blast!

Now as a work at home mom I find myself missing something, I have the boyfriend, I have the kids, I have a roof over my head, but something is always missing. I keep a smile on my face, most times, I am positive about what's going on in my life, but I still feel a little incomplete. I don't like the feeling I have of being incomplete and I don't know how to resolve that feeling, but I have stuck with my decision to not focus on what is missing. Rather than focus on what is missing and trying to find that missing link in my life, I focus on all I have that I love.

Life can get complicated if you start wondering what you are missing, focusing on those what ifs that can cross your mind. I am a firm believer that thoughts control your actions and if you start thinking about what else is out there that you am missing and need then you may find yourself in a situation you had wished not to be in. A complicated situation that you are uncertain what is the right way to get out of it or if you should get out of the situation at all.

I say to you today, follow your heart and your gut, that first instinct you have about any person, situation or challenge is usually the right feeling or choice. Follow your gut feeling, what is inside of you telling you what is best for you and if you do that ... one day your life will not be so complicated and you will feel complete!
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