Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Want Kids to Be Kids

I think one day I woke up and realized that people take life way to seriously. I mean I appreciate life but some people, mainly parents, are just so uptight. They can't take a joke their kids can't joke with them and life works for them that way, it does not work for me that way. Yes being lack back and silly is great, my kids will tell me anything and probably more than I want to hear. My oldest is eight and she seems to be able to confide in me with a trust that I never had growing up with my elders.

I always had trust issues with elders, I don't know why but maybe it's due to lack of privacy growing up. I was a child therefore my business was my parents business. You see that is where I disagree, I do feel a parent should invade a child's privacy if there is a concern or cause for this betrayal, however, without any real reason I think there is no need to invade your child's privacy.

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My silly Mom type of personality won't allow me to read a private journal of my daughters. I won't snoop around in her room, I won't second guess what she says to me to be the truth. That is until the day when a trust is broken and then oh watch out because that child will have no privacy for a while. Being a child is suppose to be a fun time of life, you can be serious when you are an adult well you have to be responsible as an adult anyways.

My children will be allowed to be themselves, to have the freedom of privacy, speech and open communication in my home. This is how I feel my children should be raised. My children will be expected to pull their weight "so to speak" in the house with chores and watching out for the family. A family shouldn't be structured like a corporate employee warehouse, a family should be a bit of fun, responsibility and excitement.

If you are a parent who is very strict I think you would about have a heart attack in my home. The kids have free reign and as long as they are respectful they are allowed to do pretty much anything. I love my kids, I trust my kids and above all I want my kids to be kids!
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