Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do Siblings Grow Closer as They Get Older?

I have often wondered about siblings and if they grow closer the older they get? My sister and I never really got along, although I let her drive my cars I had, took her almost every where I went when I had my license and we spent a lot of time together one on one. We were all we had back then, we helped raise each other. Our parents divorced sometime around 1991 or so which put us at age 10 and about 6 probably. I don't exactly recall the year as my parents went back and forth from what I remember.

We were essentially raised by a single Mom and saw our Dad every other weekend. I remember going to our Dad's was like a special treat because he was like a kid himself. I recall sitting up on an old closet space, there was like this platform up there, eating bugles and throwing them down at our Dad and his friend, giggling the whole time. My sister and I had a connection, we were siblings, but we were not always that close.

As my sister grew older, she seemed to grow angry or distant, not sure which. Eventually our close sisterhood turned to spats and yes she even tried to beat me with my vacuum one time, oh and an empty soda bottle over a phone. We had quite the experiences together growing up and now that we are older, I am almost 29 and she is 25, we seem to have a respect for each other like never before. We don't live our lives the same, I am a polite Mommy type most of the time and she is loud and very outspoken not afraid to tell you off if she feels you deserve it type of person, yet we both seem to have a love for each other that is incomparable to our childhood years.

Don't tell her I said that! She will deny, deny, deny! Of course I realize that even if my sister doesn't tell me she loves me that she does. We are blood and blood sticks together through it all. My Dad had it right one day;

My sister and I were talking about how my car didn't like going to pick her up at The Mall of NH in Manchester. My sister pipes up and says "well you didn't have to come get me". My Dad interrupted and said "hell yeah she did. We are blood, that's what we do. WE are there for each other no matter what, even if we don't like it." It is so true, in my opinion, whether you are blood related or consider yourself family with another person, you will be there for them when they need you regardless of whether it ticks you off or not. I will forever be there for my sister and I know she will be here for me too.

So I have to ask you .... are you and your sibling or siblings closer now that you are adults? Or were you closer as children?
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